Another Reader Has Orthotripsy for Plantar Fasciitis
(an e-mail from a reader who has just undergone orthotripsy)


   Just to keep you updated and others informed.

    I had my orthotripsy procedure yesterday on my right heel. The doctor indicated that they gave me 1800 "shocks" in about 7 minutes.

    My foot was numb for about 6 hours following the procedure but I was able to walk on it gingerly.  Today I have no problem walking on it and it is only slightly tender.  I could tell getting out of bed this morning it was already better.  No pain in the right foot, but the "normal" pain still in the left.

    The doctor said no strenuous activity for about two weeks and he indicated in about one month I will have 80% pain relief with the entire rehabilitative properties taking hold at about 16 weeks.  I will keep you posted as to my progress.


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