Update on My Plantar Fasciitis

by Greg Bailey
Oct. 14, 2003

          I continue to improve with the plantar fasciitis problem. I still have a few seconds of being uncomfortable in the morning, but the discomfort goes away so quickly it's hardly worth mentioning. If I hadn't known of PF, I would just assume that it was arthritis.

          I have spoken with the doctor about the discomfort, but he assures me that as long as I continue to stretch the sole of my foot before I get up in the morning, I will continue to see improvement. He told me that I had the injury for so long that it will take a long time to become pain free. He still cautions me not to walk barefoot and to take good care of my feet by massaging them, stretching, and some soothing soaks in warm water when I can.

          Unfortunately, I am having some other issues with my feet from arthritis and bone changes due to getting older and genetics. Developing a bunion and a bit of a hammer toe. If I could loose some weight, I imagine that some of these discomforts would improve. My doc says he doesn't think so. In fact, he says that when folks loose weight, they get active and then walk themselves into foot problems. Man, you can't win it seems!

          One good thing about foot pain.......it takes your mind off your bad back!!  

          My erratic walk has almost gone away. I still suffer some with a chronic sprained ankle that occurred due to the PF. Trying to walk on the side of my foot to avoid the pain of the PF, I managed to constantly sprain the ankle. I now wear an ankle brace sporadically and that seems to help.

          Hope that all the readers of Tina's site are doing well and getting better. Remember......we are all individuals and each of us has different issues with our feet and general health. Be sure to listen closely to your doctor and follow the instructions the best that you can.

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